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Pam, 54

Pam's Before and After Photo

I never thought I would need a personal trainer, after all I am over 50 and my body at over 200 pounds and 5’3 is pretty much what it is going to be. I have a gym membership and I go once in a while. Boy was my thinking all wrong! I was on stomach medicine prescription, Lipitor and bone prescriptions so I would not shrink so fast. My doctor told me to lose 40 pounds and do some strength Training or I would be very hunched over soon.

So I had a friend tell me about Jaime Follows and TruFit training. He came to the house (a great plus) and we did a couple of free sessions. I really needed the motivation that Jaime provided and his skilled instruction. It kept me from hurting myself and keeps me going. I started with a 6 month 2 day a week course, and I started to see results, within the first month. Jaime helps you with calorie burn and keeping track of exercise. I actually started to enjoy my workouts.

With Jaime’s help I got stronger and lost the weight.

I kept going with Jaime and did another year at 3 days a week. I am down 60 pounds and have really slowed down the bone loss. I only take one prescription now and that is for allergies. I can’t thank him enough for what he has helped me accomplish. He plans hikes for his clients whom he treats as friends, and I actually enjoy them now. I try to get in 5 miles a day, something I never thought would happen.
I have recommended him to my friends and he is working with some of them now. I have been a very satisfied client and now have graduated from his course. I really cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to have him work with you. I would highly recommend Jaime and the TruFit course.
- 3/20/2014

Veda, 53

I've been working with Jaime Follows from TruFit Personal Training for over a year now and it's the best decision I could have made.
I have dealt with chronic knee pain for years, and knee replacement is most certainly inevitable. Walking and even biking had been challenging for me. Jaime assessed my abilities and designed a training plan for me that took into consideration my limitations while still challenging me. He re-evaluates your progress monthly and makes adjustments to the plan as needed.
Jaime encouraged me to take a water aerobics class for cardio and help eliminate knee pain while exercising...he even provided me with a list of classes, dates and times to give me an added push! I now take 2 water classes, 4 days per week, in addition to my weekly strength training sessions with Jaime, and I've dropped 3 dress sizes!
TruFit is truly committed to their clients overall health and fitness success and I recommend them highly! -5/9/2012

Nazy, 47

I have been working with Jaime as my personal trainer for the past few months and I will highly recommend his services. Jaime is a caring professional. He gets to know about all aspects of your life in order to assist you with your training. This to me is important in order to create a program for a person in a holistic way. He is encouraging and always has a smile. - August 3, 2010

Sandeep, 42

Jaime is great to work with. He is a motivator and uses creative ways to create the work out. He is personable, always punctual, has a strong work ethic and knowledge about his subject. It is great working out with Jaime. - August 15, 2010

Tracy, 33

Jaime is an amazing personal trainer. From the beginning, he immediately made me comfortable returning to exercise after an embarrassing 5 year break from any sort of disciplined physical movement, checking in with me, designing and adjusting exercises to an appropriate pace with the utmost care. I most appreciate his sense of humor along with his firm support, encouraging me to push hard to get the results I so desperately desired, while keeping training sessions enjoyable. My weight dropped over 30 lbs in less than 7 months, surpassing my goal, returning to an increased level in strength and flexibility, as well as gaining a better sense of health and well-being. My energy levels are noticeably higher- an immensely motivating aspect which I noted right away. The pain and discomfort from excessive weight on a small frame has completely diminished. I can now wear clothes I never thought I would fit into again after having three children (by three physically disruptive c-section surgeries). Most of all, I feel fantastic! I feel alive again. Transforming the body takes a bunch of determination and discipline, and Jaime guided and coached me every step of the way, making the bumpy trek to get back on top- back to my professional dancer physical shape- a smooth and fun process.

I cannot even find words to fully express my gratitude; Jaime turned my life around, giving me hope by positive encouragement, ultimately changing my mind, body, and spirit. Because of his commitment and belief in me, I am now confident I can continue on this thriving path of wellness. If I was not relocating from the area, there is no doubt that I would continue to work with him!
- July 17, 2010


Jaime was my personal trainer and was a great experience working with him. He was very professional and designed an excellent training program for me and I was able to achieve good results in a short period of time. I will highly recommend him as a personal fitness trainer. - August 11, 2010